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Top 5 Tips To Decorate for Fall On a Budget!

a person holding a tray with a candle, pumpkin and a cup of cocoa

Welcome To The World of Frugal Fall Décor

Welcome to the world of frugal autumn décor, where creativity meets savings and transforms your home into a cozy showpiece. As the leaves begin their vibrant transformation and a crispness fills the air, it's time to usher in the warm hues and rustic charm that define this heartwarming season.

But who says you have to break the bank to achieve an inviting atmosphere? In this article, we'll unveil a treasure trove of budget-friendly ideas that will leave both your wallet and your guests pleasantly surprised. Get ready to embrace autumn like never before as we uncover delightful DIY projects, clever upcycling tips, and ingenious ways to bring nature's beauty indoors – all without compromise or sacrifice.

Seasonal Thrifted Treasures

vintage lights hanging from a tree

As the fall season rolls around, it's the perfect time to start hunting for those seasonal thrift treasures. Forget about spending big bucks on new home décor items when you can find unique and charming pieces at garage sales or online marketplaces. Autumn is all about cozy vibes, warm colors, and rustic elements, and what better way to achieve this than by incorporating vintage finds into your home?

One of the most exciting things about shopping in thrift stores during this season is stumbling upon those unexpected gems that instantly elevate your fall décor. From vintage lanterns to antique candle holders, these timeless pieces add character and charm to any space. Don't be afraid to mix old with new - use thrifted brass candlesticks alongside modern pumpkins and gourds for a fresh twist on the autumnal style.

The beauty of seasonal thrift store treasures lies in their ability to tell a story. Each item has its own history and adds personality to your home. Plus, by choosing second-hand items instead of buying new ones, you're not only giving these pieces a second life but also reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices. So this fall season, why not embark on an adventure through thrift stores and embrace the thrill of discovering unique treasures that will make your home feel warm, inviting, and full of character?

DIY Fall Scented Candles

Looking to add a cozy touch to your space this fall? Why not make your own fall-scented candles? These homemade beauties not only fill the room with a warm and inviting scent but also make for thoughtful handmade gifts. And the best part? You can easily create them with things you already have around your home (finally something to do with all the cute jelly jars you've been

Not only will these DIY fall-scented candles infuse your home with delightful autumn vibes throughout the season, but they also make for exceptional around-the-home accents that are sure to impress guests.

A budget-friendly idea I love is to use jars in different sizes and shapes, then place them on a charger from the dollar store and put them in every room. Plus, you can package them beautifully for charming handmade gifts that show just how much thought and effort you put into them. So get ready to embrace fall with this fun DIY project that is sure to bring warmth and joy wherever these aromatic creations find themselves!

Here are a few easy-to-follow recipes using different scents, décor and waxes, to create your oh-so-fragrant candles:

DIY Pumpkin Spice Candles – Fall Candles Recipe with Essentials Oils (

This recipe has lots of details and lots of pics, making it easy to achieve the perfect DIY candle.

How to Make Jar Candles at Home for Fall - Angie Holden The Country Chic Cottage

With scents of clove, orange, and thyme, these floating candles will surely bring the feeling of fall into every room.

Best Fall Candle Scent Recipes: Printable Chart (

These DIY candles are a whole experience! With 10 fall scent combinations, you can create a different fall vibe for every room in your home.

fall decor - pumpkin, candles, leaves

Budget-Friendly Fall Door Tags

Whether handmade or store-bought, wreaths can be pretty expensive décor, costing over $200, not to mention they're not very storage-friendly. So this year, why not try a beautiful customized door tag? These tags are not only easy to store, but they also offer endless possibilities for customization. From pumpkins and leaves to scarecrows and sunflowers, you can let your creativity soar when making these adorable decorations.

What's great about these DIY fall door tags is that they are fun to make for people of all ages. Whether you want a relaxing solo project or an activity the whole family can enjoy, the possibilities are endless. With just a few supplies like wooden cutouts or foam sheets, paint or markers, ribbon or twine, and some adhesive, you'll be well on your way to crafting personalized door tags that will leave a lasting impression on visitors. The best part? You don't have to break the bank as these materials are incredibly affordable.

Not only do these fall door tags offer budget-friendly options for sprucing up your entryway, but they also provide a unique opportunity for self-expression and add a personal touch to your home décor. Your design choices can reflect who you are as an individual or showcase the vibrancy of autumn itself. If crafting is not your thing, don't worry, there are wonderful options to buy already make door tags too.

How to make Wooden Door Tags — Day to Day Adventures

For visual learners like myself, not only are there pictures, but there's a video for you to follow!

Tag Sign Door Hanger Wood Tags Fall Sign Halloween Sign 18 - Etsy

This tag comes in several styles to choose from, so there's definitely something to fit your home's aesthetic.

Hello Fall Door Hanger Fall Door Hanger Fall Door Decor - Etsy

If you prefer the round look of a wreath and the customized beauty of a door hanger, this is the perfect option for you.

colorful leaves in fall

Affordable Cozy Throw Blankets

When it comes to decorating for fall on a budget, throwing a soft blanket over your couch or armchair instantly adds warmth and charm. Look for affordable options in rich autumn shades like burnt orange, brown or deep burgundy; these hues not only evoke feelings of coziness but also effortlessly elevate the ambiance of any room. Whether you're curled up with a cup of hot cocoa or enjoying some much-needed family time, these affordable throw blankets will be your new go-to for relaxation.

Don't underestimate the power of a good quality throw blanket - it can transform an ordinary space into an inviting sanctuary where you'll want to spend all your evenings this fall. Opt for materials like fleece or plush knits that promise ultimate softness and warmth without costing a fortune. Not only are these affordable options kind on your wallet, but they also make snuggling up with loved ones all the more enjoyable.

So grab yourself an affordable throw blanket, get cozy under its embrace, and let those crisp fall nights become memorable moments spent wrapped in comfort.

Pumpkin Printed Plush With Shearling Reverse Throw Blanket - Threshold™ : Target

Because fall is the season for pumpkin everything, it's only right to have a super soft pumpkin throw to add that instant fall feeling.

BOON Rabbit Jumbo Fur Throw and Pillow, 3-Piece Set - Contemporary - Throws - by BNF Home | Houzz

This beautiful burnt orange throw with matching pillow covers is the perfect backdrop to any fall décor.

If you prefer something a little more chunky and classic, then this knitted throw will meet your expectations in evert way.

woman on a sofa with a drink and a throw blanket

Easy And Inexpensive Table Centerpieces

When it comes to table centerpieces, there's no need to spend a fortune or hire a professional designer. With just a few simple DIY tricks and some creativity, you can create your own stunning centerpieces that will impress your guests without breaking the bank.

Take advantage of the colorful foliage of fall by gathering leaves of different shapes and sizes from your backyard or local park. Arrange them in a glass vase or mason jar, and voila – an elegant yet inexpensive centerpiece that celebrates the beauty of autumn!

One of my go-to fall décor options is bleaching pinecones. Since we live in the country, there is an abundance of pinecones that fall. Some get as large as a bag of sugar. They look beautiful resting in a large bowl or on a charger with candles and ribbons.

Another way to create affordable table décor is by repurposing items you already have at home. Instead of throwing away empty wine bottles, soak off the labels and clean them thoroughly. These bottles can then be transformed into stylish vases for flowers or branches you might find on walks in nature. Add a touch of rustic charm by tying twine around the necks, adding a fall tag, and filling them with water and blooms for an effortlessly chic centerpiece.

Don't limit yourself to traditional vases – get creative with unexpected materials! Turn teacups, shoe boxes, or even tin cans into unique containers for fall bouquets. The eclectic mix of shapes and colors will give your table arrangement character while showcasing your personal style. By repurposing items you already own, not only will you save money but also reduce waste in an environmentally-friendly way. So next time you're searching for table centerpieces on a budget, don't forget to think outside the box!

close-up of pinecones

Decorating For Fall On a Budget-Conclusion

In conclusion, decorating for fall doesn't have to be a costly affair. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can transform your home into a cozy autumn haven without breaking the bank. Utilize natural elements such as leaves, pinecones, and branches that you can find for free in your own backyard or local park. Get crafty with DIY projects like painting pumpkins or creating your own door decorations, using inexpensive materials. Don't forget to shop smart by taking advantage of sales, coupons, and thrift stores to find affordable decorative

items. So go ahead and embrace the excitement of fall by giving your home a budget-friendly makeover that will impress all who enter!

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