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6 Signs You're Ignoring Your Intuition and How to Fix Them

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Signs You're Ignoring Your Intuition.

If you've been here for a while, you know I have to share my experience before I can share my advice. So here 2001, I was 27 years old and so in love. I couldn't wait to commit the rest of my life to this love. It was a perfect love that lived in my head for almost a year. I wasn't in love with a man (which I didn't realize beforehand) or being a wife, I was in love with getting married. The dress, the ring, the white sandy beach in Jamaica, being the first to get married in my circle of friends, getting all the attention that comes with being a bride, the list goes on.

It wasn't until August 20, 2001 @ 4:30 PM, that my intuition started screaming at me that something was terribly wrong! But what could I do, I was about to walk down the satin and rose petal aisle. I had already stood my ground against all the people who tried to counsel me and ask if I was sure. Not to mention, I didn't want to waste the money we spent on the gorgeous destination wedding. So I ignored my inner voice and got married.

I can remember looking through my wedding photos and seeing large beads of sweat covering my face. I told every one I was hot, but in actuality, it was my body reacting to me ignoring my intuition. Needless to say, the marriage didn't last, because marriage doesn't make you want to spend the rest of your life with someone just to avoid hearing, "I told you so".

Since then, I have learned that intuition is an important aspect of my life. I have to listen to and honor my instincts. I have to listen well, and not dismiss my intuition as being unimportant.

I now understand that sometimes, you have to look deep within yourself when you feel something because even if you can’t support it with hard facts and data, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering.

With time I was able to process what happened and why I ignored my intuition, but there are tons of reasons we ignore our intuition.

Why You're Ignoring Your Intuition?

Like me, you might be ignoring your intuition consciously, but you may be ignoring it habitually too. Hopefully the signs that you're ignoring your intuition below will enlighten you and help you move forward in trusting your intuition.

You Might Be Wrong, But Don't Want To Admit It.

One of the top reasons we ignore our intuition is because we're afraid to make mistakes. That’s because intuition sometimes doesn’t make sense, so we don’t want to take the risk and be wrong. Our worst critic is ourself, but we have to learn to listen to our inner wisdom too, and not be too harsh on yourself.

Give yourself permission to be wrong and disregard the feelings of shame or embarrassment. Remember, you will only be able to make your intuition helpful and trustworthy through practice. Making mistakes is part of the journey that allows you to gain more experience and learn.

You Doubt Yourself

Doubting yourself is similar to the fear of making mistakes. It’s another hindrance to listening to your instincts. Because you can’t be 100% sure, you downplay what your inner self is telling you. One way to lessen your self-doubt is by listening and acting upon your intuition. You’ll get more in tune with yourself and learn to trust it better with practice. A simple example of acting on your intuition can be trying a food that doesn't look appetizing. Your eyes may be rejecting it, but your inner self is saying, "I love spicy food, so it might taste delicious".

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You Are Afraid To Take Responsibility

Trusting your intuition sometimes means making decisions without prior experience to back you up. These are the times you feel sure about your decisions even though you can’t explain them. However, if you are afraid of taking responsibility in case things go wrong, you could be ignoring your intuition when you shouldn’t be.

While you might feel safer ignoring it so that the blame won’t be put on you, ignoring your intuition can make you indecisive and unable to trust or be trustworthy.

Don’t be afraid that the outcome might prove you wrong. Being wrong is just as much a part of life as being right. Instead of feeling afraid, feel empowered that you can live your life to its fullest by exploring all the possibilities.

You Get Distracted

Another hindrance to trusting your instinct is distractions. When you have a lot on your mind, that makes it hard to focus and you can’t get in tune with your inner voice. You might be multitasking or barely making time to be by yourself. You might be on your phone all the time, or browsing your social media feeds and procrastinating.

You have to have clarity in your thinking so you won’t ignore your intuition. Catch yourself when you feel like you’re always in a hurry, and be mindful of how much useless information you are taking in.

Meditating can also help you clear your mind and learn how to pay attention to the present and recognize when your intuition is telling your something. Take a break, breathe, and focus.

You Believe There Is Only One Right Choice

If you are the type of person who believes that there is only a yes or a no answer, and definitely no maybes, this could be one reason why you may be ignoring your intuition.

Many aspects of your life have more than one correct choice. It’s not always black or white or good or bad. There are in-betweens, and that’s where intuition steps in to guide you. Because most things in life aren’t absolute, intuition will help you eliminate these rules. Life is full of long and winding roads, so trusting your instincts allows you to move freely.

You Are Surrounded By Toxic People

Your environment plays a crucial role in how you can develop your intuition. If you are in toxic relationships of any kind and dwell in an unsupportive environment, you probably have a hard time trusting your intuition.

The people around you might deliberately tell you to ignore your feelings, put you down or manipulate you into thinking your thoughts are invalid. This can reduce your self-confidence, so you become more afraid of making mistakes.

Toxic relationships may also make you feel like you have to please people and put yourself at the bottom of your priority list, which might shut down any intuition you have. While being selfless is commendable, you can not ignore your personal needs. You should both care about others and concentrate on your needs, but it's crucial that you prioritize yourself first.

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In Conclusion

Trusting your intuition, being mindful, and believing in yourself is essential for a healthy and successful life. These simple yet powerful practices can help you to recognize opportunities, create meaningful relationships, and find your true purpose and path. When you trust your inner wisdom, listen to the quiet voice within that speaks the truth of your heart, and take action on what you feel inspired to do, you open yourself up to an abundance of possibilities and joy.

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Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller
Aug 01, 2023

I have an overly active inner voice, it’s sometimes tough to know when to listen to her or not!

Aug 01, 2023
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Yes! She definitely confuses our wants and needs...

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