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What Led Me To Create the Beautifully Over 40 Blog For Women Like You and Me?

Hi there!

a bit about me...

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Thank you for stopping by and being part of the Beautifully Over 40 community.

I’m Ronda, the community’s founder. As a woman over 40 and edging toward 50, I’m not one of the young moms chasing toddlers that typically run blogs like this. I’m part of a growing community of women who are figuring out roadmaps for the next stages of life and getting serious about health.

Beautifully Over 40 is a space to share our stories, connect with each other, build a community, and feel inspired about the next steps in our journey. Here we discuss self-care, spirituality, the things people never told us about life after 40, and more.

Beautifully Over 40 is a blog for women over 40 that is made up of a community of strong, wise women ready to support each other as we navigate this beautiful life.



Image by Andreas Haslinger

this seasons must haves

Dried Flowers In The Glass Vase_edited.j

you've got to see these beauties!

As I've gotten older, my taste has changed dramatically! I tend to like things more classic and elegant, but always with a hint of sparkle.

Click through to check out some of my finds, you might discover your next fave!

Link to Sommelier Black website

Luxurious non-alcoholic beverages to fit any occasion

Candle styled with baby's breath
two tubes of Giorgio Armani cream

the perfect glass vase for stying your tabletops

the best skincare products for sensitive skin

with a beautiful calming scent, this candle also looks the part

You won't be disappointed!


Getting to know me

a few

Image by Annie Spratt

this week on the blog

5 Anti Aging Habits to Start Today

We have some great articles and resources on the blog that you might be interested in. From skin care and exercise to home organization and starting a side hustle! Head on over to have a browse.

dried leaves
brown leather sofa
Beauty Products
Book with heart shaped pages
typewriter on a desk
candle and vase

A few of my  favorite  things...

breakfast on a bed
Cups of Coffee
white kitchen counter with red and wood utensils


That ?






summer days

the mountains




cool nights

Image by Jen Theodore
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